travel 2018


I’ve been covering a lot of miles lately. Here are some places I went this year:

Click through to see the Google map

Click through to see the Google map

Absofacto Tour

Most of the dots you’ll see on the map were places I got to stop while on the road in February/March with Absofacto. We started on the west coast, headed east, then managed to cross the country again somehow. Many photos in the yearly review album are from this tour! Biggest location highlight: seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.


Part of the way through tour I got to stop and hang out in Portland and then LA with Sean. We visited Tove & Lyle and the dogs in Oregon, then enjoyed waking up to daily sunshine at Jolie & Stevie’s in Los Angeles.


In April we (me, Sean, my mom) adventured to Mexico (Tepóztlan and Mexico City) for Hannah and Aldo’s wedding! A good time was had by all. Can’t wait to go back and explore more!


Chicago, IL

In May I got to spend a few days keeping my uncle Gary company as he recovered (successfully!) from heart surgery. He’s a champ, and I was so glad to spend some time together, even if it required him to be in a hospital bed (although I hope that’s not what it’ll take in the future..ha).


Sean and I are very grateful for the experience of attending a vocal workshop with Jonathan Hart-Makwaia at the Shantigar center in Massachusetts. It was a beautiful setting for beautiful work.

Hudson Valley

I got to housesit for my dad and Diane while they went on a cruise down the Danube (only slightly jealous). I grilled A LOT of food and had a few friends up to visit and enjoy summer upstate, it was dreamy.

Vancouver, BC

(and Vancouver Island)- Sean and I enjoyed a trip to his old stomping grounds - he performed with several long-time friends at the Vancouver Jazz Festival (and we got nice visits from Ania Cronin and Lynette & Mitch Ferguson). Thanks to sister Emi for putting up with us in her tiny apartment for several nights - the joy of siblings! We adventured to Vancouver island with our friends Scout & Evan, then visited Dan & Serena (and Junie) on Galiano Island. What a gorgeous part of the world.

Watervale, MI

We flew right from Vancouver to Traverse City and made our way to Watervale to hang with the Kromrei ladies (and Jonas) for a few days of summer bliss in Michigan. Lots of card playing, eating, and sunshine.

The Catskills

We enjoyed a long Labor Day weekend in Bovina, NY with our friends Ella, Kate, and Andrew (and a brief but welcomed visit from Nate). Lots of wine, delicious food, and quality friend time.

Beverly Hills, MI

I was lucky to be able to spend a few days with mom and Eddy in September. I’m so glad I got a little more cuddle time with our special guy, who unfortunately had to leave us this fall. I’ll miss him terribly and am so grateful for all of the love he brought into our lives.

Portland, OR

We adventured to Portland once again for Elena and David’s wedding, which Sean officiated! It was one of the best wedding celebrations I’ve ever experienced, full of so many wonderful friends, family members, and so much love. Thank you to this beautiful couple for including us in your special day! After the wedding, Sean and I enjoyed a couple days of driving the Oregon Coast and had a lovely stay in Yachats, OR before another few days with Tove & Lyle (and the dogs…and chickens!) in Milwaukie.

Portsmouth, NH & Quechee, VT

While Sean toured the Midwest with The Lovestruck Balladeers, I took off for a long weekend with Emily and her family for some R&R at Hidden Hill (thanks again to Julie for the beautiful stay, wow!). We got to see some of the Cotton family roots in Portsmouth at the Strawberry Banke museum, did some hiking (despite my recovering ankle) in the gorgeous fall color, and enjoyed the hot tub every night.

San Francisco, CA

As soon as I got home from Vermont, I headed out again - this time to the west. I spent the week with Lynette and Mitch and their new pup Brody. We wined and dined and played and adventured and saw Pete Souza throw lots of shade on his new book tour. Camp Katie can continue into my 30s, right?

Detroit, MI

We headed back to Michigan once again for grandma Diana’s 90th birthday celebration! It was a lovely party with family and friends, and a little Sinatra (sung and played by Sean & Katie, thanks so some serious hinting from grandma).

Staatsburg, NY

We also returned to the Hudson Valley to spend a very relaxing and delicious Thanksgiving weekend with dad and Diane after my long two weeks serving on a Grand Jury. I was so grateful for the change of pace, the amazing food, and great company! Apparently we didn’t take any pictures of ourselves because we were so busy cooking and eating.

As I get ready to head out on tour again, I’m thinking about all of the adventures that this next year holds. I plan to add many more sites to the 2019 map that are outside of North America. I hope to see you in my travels!