podcasts 2018


I’m leaving some of the podcasts from last year because they are worth taking a look at again if you didn’t last time. I’m also adding a few!

Serial (Season 3) - I took a break from Serial when I couldn’t get into the 2nd season, but after serving on a Grand Jury this year, I have a newfound fascination with law enforcement and the criminal justice system in the United States. For season 3, they spend a year exploring the courts and cases in Cleveland, OH. Worth a listen.

Pregnant Pause - Zak and Shira are a couple (from Metro Detroit, actually) who are trying to decide whether or not to become parents. They spend 8 thoughtful (and short) episodes asking tough questions, and navigating challenges. As someone who’s already started to ask myself a lot of these questions as I get older and start planning for the future, I thought this was a really interesting listen.

Where Should We Begin? - a podcast by Esther Perel, an increasingly well-known relationship therapist. The podcast is actual therapy sessions with couples. It’s fascinating and heart-wrenching and so incredibly good. Suggested: S1 E3 “Speak to me in French.” Season 3 this year! 

This American Life - NPR’s long-running show about...everything. Suggested: E657 “The Runaways” (linked, more on this year’s criminal justice system theme)


The Moth - The Moth hosts Story Slams around the country. Go to one!! They are amazing. People get picked randomly from a submission list to tell short, true stories. Sometimes they have Grand Slams, where people who won a story slam get together and tell the best of the best. They are amazing, inspiring, wacky, sad, and overall awesome. Suggested story: “All At Sea” (seriously listen to this, it’s amazing)


Modern Love - The podcast version of the NYT column, where essays are submitted telling stories of modern love. Actors read the essays for the podcast. They’re wide-ranging in content, and always a good listen. Recommended: “My Husband Is Now My Wife” (linked)