books 2017


The Sellout - this book blew my mind. It’s dark, satirical, strange, painful, and unique. Read it if you want to be uncomfortable but have it be worth it.


Conscious Loving: The Journey to Co-Commitment - still in the process of reading and acting on this one, a really important book identifying what it means to be codependent, and more importantly, how to co-create a relationship. Relevant for both single and coupled folks alike. Highly recommended!


Tears We Cannot Stop - A Sermon to White America - ouch, my heart. A must-read for anyone living in this country (really, anyone living in this time...actually, anyone ever). Please, please read this. It’s so important.


Sex at Dawn - if you’ve talked to me this year, there’s a good chance we’ve had at least one conversation about monogamy/ethical non-monogamy/designing relationships, challenging the status quo, etc. This book unpacks the history of conventional monogamy as we know it, the stories we don’t know about other styles of relating around the world, and more. It’s really interesting! And has science!


More Than Two - A practical book about relating in a unique way (your own way), and probably my most recommended book to friends this year, regardless of relationship status. This book is not just about opening up, it contains some really important lessons about being in any relationship - how to communicate, how to create agreements, how to set boundaries...things that no one teaches you in school that are essential to a partnership! Disclaimer: the images on this website are so cheesy, but I strongly suggest checking out their “Principles for Good Relationships” section


Designing Your Life - I will admit that I haven’t gotten through this yet, but I see it being a big one for me in 2018. Written by two Stanford University educators who now teach an entire course on this, the general vibe is that your life is your own to create. I’m trying to convince myself of that again.


A Little Life - not recommended for anyone currently feeling any amount of depression, but recommended for anyone who wants to feel something deep. I will say no more.