2017 music


As always, here’s a handful of songs I listened to this year. There are, of course, plenty more. But these seemed to go together and paint some kind of picture of what I got into.

Here’s hoping that next year’s mix will include new music of mine!

- Items of Note -


Breastfist is the only band I’ve ever danced to (like, really danced) in public. They’re funky and smooth and totally bizarre and I love them for that.


Absofacto is the artist who brought me to LA, and who I’m going to tour with in January (holy crap!). It’s my friend Jon, who I know from Michigan. He’s a super talented and sweet person that I am honored to call my close friend.


Katie Von Schleicher put out one of my favorite records of the year (Shitty Hits). She’s gonna be famous and she lives above me. I love her but I’m afraid to tell her that because I feel like I gotta be cool. Don't worry, we'll figure it out.