2018 music



As always, here are some of the songs I listened to this year. There are, of course, plenty more. But these seemed to go together and paint some kind of picture of what I got into.

Live Performances

I got to play a fair amount of live music this year. I do believe that deserves a “fuck yeah!”
Here are some of the groups I performed with:


Absofacto is the artist I toured with at the beginning of 2018. I am so grateful to Jon as a friend and for giving me a good excuse to quit my old job earlier than I would have without the offer of a tour. Here’s a picture of 3/4 touring members of Absofacto (with an acoustic guitar that doesn’t belong to us) after playing a radio session at SXSW.


The Knocks are a duo that I’ll be joining on tour starting in January. They reached out to me on Halloween looking for someone who could play guitar, synths, and sing. It was an interesting process making the decision to go, and now that it’s in the works, I’m really excited! Hope to see you somewhere down the road!


Alena Spanger of Tiny Hazard is starting to make more music away from her previous project, and I’m glad because I get to play that music. It brings me joy to bring these unique songs to life, and to sing with another woman, especially one with a kind and deep soul.


Sean Cronin’s Very Good. This is a very good band. I play bass in this band now. It is very good. There will be a new Very Good album coming out in 2019. It is called Adulthood and this photo inspired the album artwork.


The Due Diligence is a band led by Isaac Gillespie. He saw me play with Very Good and asked if I might play some songs with him. His band is also very good but it is not Very Good. I like playing in this band very much


Sean and I started a mostly-old-country-covers band and we’re not sure what it’s called yet, but it might be called Golden Beautiful.